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Billy Morgan's Campaign Provides Show of Strength with Third Quarter Fundraising

Monee, IL: William “Billy” Morgan's campaign for State Representative in the 79th District of Illinois recently reported an exceptional $27,777.00 raised before the September 30 deadline for the quarter, after announcing his campaign on September 18. Despite a shorter fundraising window, his campaign has shown remarkable momentum, receiving widespread support from the community and key political leaders. His campaign’s third-quarter report reveals a robust performance in terms of fundraising and grassroots engagement.

“This quarterly report shows that William ‘Billy’ Morgan is the strongest candidate in the primary election and in the general,” said campaign manager Janet Blue. “This enormous show of strength should be proof positive that Billy is the Democrats’ best bet to lead the party to victory in November.”

Key Highlights from the Quarterly Report:

  • Donations Totaling $27,777: Billy’s campaign raised an impressive $27,777 in political contributions during the third quarter – more than the Republican incumbent, Jackie Haas, raised in the same quarter.

  • $25,863.33 Cash on Hand: As of the end of the quarter, Billy’s campaign maintains a solid financial footing. This financial stability will allow Billy’s campaign to continue its efforts to connect with and serve the constituents of the 79th Representative District through the primary and beyond.

  • 97 Distinct Donations: Billy’s campaign received 97 distinct donations, indicating broad-based support from a diverse range of individuals who share his vision for the 79th representative district.

  • Support from Illinois House Democratic Leadership Team: Billy’s campaign received donations from members of the Illinois House Democratic leadership team, including Majority Leader Robyn Gabel, Deputy Majority Leader Natalie Manley, and Majority Conference Chairperson Theresa Mah.

  • Out-raising Republican incumbent Jackie Haas: Billy’s campaign fundraising performance in the third quarter surpassed that of Republican incumbent Jackie Haas, showcasing the growing momentum of his campaign and the tremendous support from the community in the 79th representative district.

A first-time candidate for the Illinois General Assembly, Billy Morgan is committed to representing the 79th representative district with a fresh perspective, unwavering dedication, and a genuine passion for the community's economic well-being.

"I am humbled by the incredible support we have received in such a short period. It demonstrates the shared vision we have for our district, and the dedication of our supporters," Billy Morgan said.

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