Hello, my name is Billy and I am a software developer located in Freehold, NJ. I have been employed by the County of Monmouth for the past 19 years and looking to retire within the next year. I am too young (58) to physically retire as I have a many good years left in me.

You would probably call me a full stack developer and I’m good at what I do. There are many who can do it better and those are the ones I want to be surrounded by. I find it amazing and watch someone take my idea and push it farther than I originally imagined. It is those egoless superstars who take science and turn it into art, producing eloquent code that handles every instance of human stupidly thrown at it. I look up to people with greater credentials and imaginative minds but look down on those that need to consistency inform me on what they know. I believe a team is only as strong as the weakest member and the team that chooses to enrich the weak rather than embellish themselves will always prevail.

I could provide exhausting details on what I do but essentially, I provide catalyst for people to collect data, preform calculations, store data, retrieve data and produce a report in some shape or form. It may be web based, Windows and use Crystal, SSRS or JSON. My strongest skill is SQL Server development and I am very good at conceptual database design. I am equally proficient in C# and VB and often use AngularJS, jQuery and Bootstrap in my markup or views.